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Reflection in December

While we head into the end of the year, excited to celebrate Christmas and all things that come with the hope and anticipation of a New Year it is only natural to reflect.

Things I like to reflect on are what this past year brought me. I think about what brought me joy and what brought me hardship. What I can do to make more joy and what can I do to ensure I have less of whatever made me feel less than joyous.

At the end of the year our #passionplannercommunity also gets together and does a group session to reflect. We talk about the year as ambassadors and the company, then an amazing soundtrack is played while we complete our year-end reflection templates. It is such a calming and self aware activity to do and I thouroughly enjoy doing this as part of my reflection rituals.

Download our FREE Yearly Reflection PDF HERE

Tell me how are you different from last year? Who are you grateful for this year? This worksheet will challenge you to not only reflect on your year but also set goals for the new year. 

Oh, and dont forget the playlist that can be found HERE

During this period, after we wrap all the gifts and have settled in to enjoy all the spoils of our hard labour to prepare and make everything perfect, it is important to also take the time to rest. Did you know there are different types of rest?


Now that you have completed your reflection you can focus on your dreams and goals for the year ahead. Personally, I have moved away from New Year’s Resolutions some time ago. Now every New Year I do my Passion Road Map and continue my journey to strive to build and live the life I desire.

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