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November Gratitude

This past November the tribe practiced 21 days of gratitude. While I try to practice this daily in my actually “Daily” from @PassionPlanner which you can find here: https://bit.ly/2U7rnhA

For more on this challege visit: https://passionplanner.com/blogs/content/21-day-gratitude-challenge

Another way to practice gratitude with your planner I by using the pges as memory planning or scrapbooking!

Check out this layout and ideas here: https://passionplanner.com/blogs/content/passion-planner-ideas-memory-planning?_pos=1&_sid=2c45e8903&_ss=r

Having a community to lean on is so very important and that is why I support and am I proud member of the Passion Planner Family. This community has allowed me to grow and support my creative and professional goals.

Its also important to learn to set and establish bounderies whether in a community or any relatioship you have to set bounderies. Here you can find 5 Ways to protect your bounderies.

It isnt easy but it will be worth it. Gratitude is a proven gateway to happiness. Naturally it is easier to see the struggles verse the gifts this life brings our way so making it a priority to practice alone, or in your community, taking steps to ensure gratitude is in your daily habits can prove to be an e ven bigger pay off than the small committement it takes.