The Good Life

Authentically June

This month we celebrate everything that makes everyone their authentic self no matter what that looks like. Especially for those of the LGBT community.

Hoping this month everyone gets to not only celebrate themselves but also are supported and celebrated by their loved ones no matter what their true authentic self is.

We also celebrate a new opportunity to reflect and plan for this month of pride and love. This month I choose to celebrate by making my layout a colourful themed pride layout.

Speaking at the authenticity of June and being at the halfway mark of the year I take this time to look back and see all my accomplishments and how far I have come. Also, how things have changed for me and new/revised plans based on my new normal right now. Even though I have not accomplished everything, based on the huge things that took place, and the main things accomplished I feel so overwhelmingly proud so far.

The most significant part of my journey has been implementing my two planner systems and using my daily as a way to practice self-care. For tips and help in getting to daily journaling check out the 30-day Journal Challenge.

Self-care is vital but many people do not know what it is or even where to start, so those of you who this resonates with check out this guide to practicing self-care at Passion Planner here.

Let us know how you’re celebrating Pride Month, where you are at your halfway mark this year and how you practice self-care XO