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5 Simple things to make Halloween Fun

Keeping Halloween Simple & Fun

Halloween is one of my favourite goulish times of the year. Not only does it represent history and a time when we connected with the earth more, but it allows for imagination and play.

It is so much fun seeing the excitement on the kids faces when they get to do fun things with us that actually do not take too much time or money, while creating long lasting memories and traditions for them and you to cherish forever.

Here are 5 Simple things you can do that make this season so much fun:

1. Bake & Shake something fun together!

Here are some great Pinterest Recipe Ideas:

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24 Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas That Are Devilishly Delicious

What’s your favourite recipes for Halloween?

2. Easy decorations that are fun for everyone!

We got two bags of small pumpkins from our grocer, combined with our message board, some leaves from the dollar store and old costumes we had and voila a Halloween Buffet that can keep up with the best of them. The Iron Owls are from Pottery Barn along with the Buffet Table itself.

Using some candles, fabric and lights you can create the perfect outdoor dinner setting too easily.

The witches hats are hung using some thread I had around the house. Threading them in was the most difficult part. Also sticky dots did not work, this year I settled for Tape, next year I am hoping to find something much more easier and stronger that doesn’t leave any marks.

Halloween Hats are from Amazon: See the HERE

3. Family fall/ halloween photo fun!

Who says family photos are fun? Believe me when I tell you we took ours in only one shot! Its true what they say, “The more you practice the better you become.”

Let everyone chose their own pieces based on the theme chosen. Get everyone involved in decorating the theme and take a fun family photo you get to keep forever.

4. Dress Up!

Admittedly this year I couldn’t find TJ a reasonable Ninja costume but we found the Mandalorian one and he couldn’t of been happier. Ordered it from and received in good condition and on time.

Lox was so beyond excited for Halloween this year and thanks to her Tia we had this beautiful costume and wings on hand!

Great tip for costumes is to buy them the year before, once the Sean is almost finished, but not completely! You may be able to find wonderful pieces at 50-75% Off! Also, Winners has had some incredible finds in the past for me.

Ive also hit up second hand stores for themed parties for costumes, it is a great deal, huge selection and recycles effectively – win, win, win!

Trick or Treat? Comment and tell me your best halloween tips and finds!

5. Pumpkin carving!

Get pumpkins from your local farm and let the fun begin. We go to Anga’s Farm & Nursery

Most carving sets can be found at any dollar store and have templates included for free.

Check out this post for some templates and tips for carving from Suncatcher Studio

Having a marker is key, compost bags, and knives kept far away from the littles.

For the pumpkin seeds I wash them clean, then bake on high at 350, for 10 minutes, flipping and resetting until golden brown and crunchy. Season to taste!