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Why Planning is everything

Its that time of year again and my new planners have arrived! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I praise these planners and effectiveness, when used, as one of the major reasons I am able to accomplish so much while staying grounded.

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Annual Planning


These planners really allow for the full year, with little work and all the scope.

Mainly I use this as my work desk calendar. I forecast and plan ahead both personally and for work related items here.

My days are strictly for office hours and notes in here but I use goal setting and reflection for both personal and professional life.

Getting creative with space when I can, the grid paper is awesome for drawing columns or different projects, while the extra space allows me to use their free tracking template for my daily growth goals.

Daily’s Quarterly

The colours in the daily’s this year are amauzing 🖤 As usual I get one per quarter for the year ahead in the colours I like best.

Daily Usages

The daily’s provide me with some planning but mainly these are my daily to do’s and journal.

Practicing journaling with gratitude has immensely helped my mindset and ability to destress more.

Every year Santa always gets me a mini motivational/ inspirational calendar which I add to my pages as well.


Every daily and annual planner have pages you can select to use for notes, scrapbooking, more planning, budgeting and more!

The possibilities are really endless and I ambassador alongside some seriously talented planners all whom showcase their styles and ideas throughout many platforms.

Using the daily’s the way I do has allowed me to have an outlet for coping or expressing myself in different ways, whether working or drawing things out, to following challenges the Passion Planner community sets out. They also have wonderful templates you can use.

One this past month was for #mentalhealthawarenessday and can find their Health & Wellness Reflection one here:

No Wrong Way

No matter how you like to plan or your style of planning it all has to begin somewhere.

You can start small or big or both! One thing I’ve learnt though is the more you try the better you do. Even if you fall off your planning horse, you can get back up and keep starting again and again until you reach a stage, like me, where it’s embedded in your daily life.

Planning has helped me accomplish more, be accountable and find my true self. It took me so long to find a planner that worked for me and this system is the best I’ve found.

Ask me anything about them or how to plan im here to help! XO

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