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My Potsie’s Creamed Chicken and Biscuits Casserole Attempt

In an attempt to become the “Do it all mom” I have found this site amazing to meal plan and find recipes.  So although I have done plenty of recipes successfully, from this site and they are always delish, I thought I would post my first fail.

So this was what I planned to make right Here and I was super excited too because it looked so wonderful and easy.  Essentially it was easy but not well thought out on my part.  Considering the ingredients and time I knew it may have been too good to be true but as a true Virgo I followed the recipe instructions diligently.

Pre prepped Ingredients



And the process followed; however, what I failed to do is boil the chicken first leading to a great looking dish that wasn’t safe to eat!


Cass Recipe


As you can see the finished product looks fabulous, though when I started dishing it seemed the chicken was not cooked throughly and sure enough it was not in small areas.  Because I am a fanatic when it comes to chicken cooking safety the dish was a waste.  The top was cooked too much to continue cooking the middle without jeopardizing the dish entirely so either way it was a no go.


Disappointed because of the wasted food, time it took trying to get it done with my two month old and no dinner for the evening I did learn to always boil your meat before making a casserole dish!

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