Pizza Party For All Ages!

We spent the last year saying goodbye to many of Tristans first school friends, if you are close to us, you know it was extremely hard on on him. The multitude of transitions, during this particular time, led to his diagnosis of chronic urticaria, something I have suffered from since giving birth to him….who knew it was hereditary?

Also hereditary, our love of throwing a good shindig, so as soon as we had the chance we pulled together all his classmates, the O.G and made a Pizza Making PlayDate – clearly two of Tristans favourite things: Play and Pizza!

It was pretty easy, even if you have never prepped pizza dough before, to get them all ready for the party….because lets face it, pita pizzas just wouldn’t do. We ordered some frozen dough from our local Super Store and these awesome pizza pans!

Using flour and our special sauce, we placed our dough on these amazing pans, topped with plastic wrap and started adding to make our very own Tower of Pisa!

With some displayed and prepped ingredients this made for an easy, fresh, real and healthy pizza making party!
Tip: Dont forget to get those kiddos into wash their hands first 🙂
Especially after making some fabulous and personalized chefs hats!

We know these artists really enjoyed creating their date from start to finish. Each having a fresh Chefs Hat included to make all their own!
We found these cost effective beauties right here:

This was one happy table full of creative minds ready to participate, create and enjoy!

And the pizzas turned out incredible thanks to the X-Man, making sure we prepped and the amazing minds of life long friends building pizza, fun and making memories that last a lifetime!

Bon Appetite!