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First and foremost I am a wife and a mother.  After over ten years of infertility, we were blessed with our miracle baby boy.  To follow, came many losses in our journey, and then our second miracle, and rainbow baby girl.

Passionate about connections and sharing our journeys, to bond us and connect with the universe, throughout this crazy life!  My goal is to create a space of awareness, that those like me, my tribe, find solice in knowing you are not alone.

I love to “nest”, a self-proclaimed organizing guru and businesswoman, this is a space to try new things and hopefully experience together.   It is a crazy journey, one already filled with many ups, downs, laughter, and tears.  We are learning to work through any fears we have as parents and humans, and working to make the most out of this one life we get!

Throughout my experience, from volunteering, running an advocacy to several companies, while being a mom, wife and feminist, within the corporate world.  All these avenues allow me to be well rounded and use my insights in hopes to motivating you to create your own destiny, from your vision and passion, most importantly, to never give up on your dreams.

Love for travel, eating, and getting to know people through networking.  Finding ways that inspire me, to make a difference, and learn new things is my passion.  Writing allows me to express my feelings through this journey, whether good or bad I truly believe it is important to have the freedom to do so, not just to understand oneselve, but to impact and connect with others.

As I write here, sometimes about life in general, other times about products, and all different experiences I am blessed to have, I hope you enjoy.  Please note, posts and opinions  are solely my own and everyone is different.  We welcome all those with good intentions into our tribe. For those seeking something else please move on and God Bless.

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