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It doesn’t always have to be perfect

Hey Nesters!

As we dive into this month, we’re putting the spotlight on something truly special—Grace. Whether you’re knee-deep in mom duties or navigating the intricate world of a COO, embracing grace is like giving yourself a warm hug. It’s an essential part of self-care that shifts your mindset from blame to empathy, creating a space for understanding, growth, and compassion.

Now, no need to mark your calendars because the highly-anticipated 2024 planners have launched on Tuesday, September 12th at 9 AM PDT! 🎉 I know, I could hardly contain my excitement. This year I opted all Black for my planner aesthetic but let me tell you the possibilities are endless and they have some other amazing options Im sure you will love -see the HERE

But that’s not all. How about participating in #PassionPlanner 7 Day Visualization Challenge? Dive into the transformative experience and share your journey with the community. Head over to this link for all the details. Trust me; it’s a game-changer. Reflect on the differences you notice in yourself from before the challenge to after. It’s a journey worth sharing!

Now, let’s talk planner magic. How can you infuse grace into your daily planning? In your planner, jot down a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself, and don’t forget to share it with your friends. It’s a simple act that can make a profound difference. Embracing grace in our planning routines helps us navigate the inevitable twists and turns with a little more ease.

Transition months like these call for a generous dose of grace to prevent burnout. Remember, you’ve got this! To inspire you further, check out their blog for insightful tips on ways to practice grace for yourself and others. It’s a treasure trove of wisdom tailored for the everyday challenges faced by mothers and career women alike.

Here are a few resources from the Passion Planner blog that I found particularly enlightening:

As we journey through this month of grace, let’s celebrate the power of understanding, kindness, and self-love. Here’s to a September filled with warmth and growth!

Cheers, XO

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