Elias’s Giving Tuesday campaign

When recently discussing the holidays and our current parenting goals, with my beloved friend, the usual worldly topics that affect our lives and then, the not so usual, topic of the recent devastation in the Philippines.

Retrospectively, our friends have always had a place there, and reasons for what is happening there to be of interest to them; however, only recently have I myself, begun to understand and work with colleagues within the country.

In a weekly call to my colleague, discussing life and the upcoming holidays, our cultural differences were apparent but more so the environmental differences. Recent devastation they have experienced, has left many in unlivable circumstances, and through it all, she has barely missed a step, it amazes me how resilient people can be.

When discussing this Kristen advised me she was working with her son, Elias, on creating this amazing campaign to help those in need and impacted by this devastation. Not only can I say how incredible this is, but the video and letter explaining how we can all help during this Giving Tuesday really is remarkable.

Normally, I wouldn’t endorse or share things of this nature; however, they have worked directly with this organization and we trust them and their endorsements explicitly. Also, this is an amazing campaign that takes so little, to make a world of impact on someone’s life by simply offering them food and hopefully shelter.

More and more, it is becoming apparent we must share our values and blessings, whatever they may look like, and teach our children to help, be aware of the different types of struggles, many people face and how we can help each other as human beings.

For more on this please see one of Tristan’s closet friends, Elias on this video, explaining how and why we should help him with his project:

A $15USD donation will buy one family a holiday meal and feed them for a week. Our goal is to fund the 200 children and their families who are in the Hope program. These are the children Elias met and played with.


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