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Passion with Passion Planner

It’s the astrological New year and what better way to regroup on how we started our New Year with Passion Planner defining our goals and what we are most passionate about pursuing.

This upcoming New Year I was especially focused on family time and creating a calm and balanced space for my family. My passion for organization is also developing into a greater passion for interior design and merging into my professional life of architectural design as well.

Using my check-in and maps provided in Passion Planner, with the new SMART goals to break them down further, has allowed me the ability to hone in and really dive deep on focusing to accomplish things daily to bring me and my space to a place I want to be that aligns with my passions and goals.

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How to create routines that actually stick

Example of how to use S.M.A.R.T Goals

If you have a goal to start planning and organizing your life better the best advice I can give you is make it a priority to do daily, open up your planners before bed and first thing in the morning when setting up, and then once you’ve done it enough it becomes a habit, second nature and can actually turn into a hobby that according to @womenontopp everyone should have 😉

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