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Southwestern Bell Pepper

Today I have the pleasure of sharing one of my most enjoyable recipes with you.  Its not hard, nor does is take long to make, but once served you will be engulfed with not only the sweet aroma of cooked peppers but a hearty meal too!

This cost effective meal is plentiful as well the stuffing can be frozen giving you the ability to prep, while making tonights dinner, an entire dish to use another day as well.  It keeps well frozen and non of the seasonings get lost in doing so either.

Prep your taste buds because this will surely become a family favourite!

IMG_4691 IMG_4694

Make sure to use lean ground beef, a chopped onion, diced garlic, taco seasoning (1 Packet).  You will need 1 egg beaten, cooked rice and obviously your bell peppers 😉

I like to use diced tomatoes, pure tomato sauce and buy my shredded cheese in bulk ( you can usually find a large bag on sale at No Frills for $5.00)

For added yumminess I layer my shredded cheese as I stuff the peppers.  Line your roaster with tomato sauce to avoid the peppers from sticking to the bottom and ruining your masterpiece of course!


You will preheat your over to 375 and let bake for approx. 45 minutes – ensure the beef is cooked thoroughly and the peppers are soft.  Remove from the oven and top with cheese, place back into the oven and broil until all melted – make sure to keep an eye on them!

Once done enjoy with a slice of garlic bread too!  The best way to make this is to make your own garlic butter and use lots of it too – if you couldn’t tell Im a huge fan of using lots of cheese whenever I can as well:)



Bon Appétit xo