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May’s Mental Health Journey

When May comes there is always a sense of renewal in the air for me. Something that lets us leave the darkness of winter, the rainy season of April, into the rebirth of life. Mental health is the opposite for many, for me, however, it is the same thing….

For someone who grew up surrounded by addiction and mental health issues in my life and then being shamed for any transparency around these sensitive topics, I find the healing journey through my own relating issues refreshing.

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One thing that happens when I get too overwhelmed is shutting down. This includes not using my Passion Planners daily and staying on track with my plans, but the way I work my way through difficult times and get through those empty spaces in time is not to plan at all but use them for art or scrapbooking things into them.

Here is a great article on using your planner for a positive impact on your mental health

Another way is to take a break from social media and spend more time grounding myself. Using nature and mediation helps me tremendously. Reflection helps and this is also a great way to fill these empty planning stages!

Another great way to help through hard times is by using the Passion Planners Self reflection template, you can gets yours Here

Here is my reflection which I want to share to lead by example, always be transparent with you and break the stigma.

Please feel free to reach out to those who can help when you are struggling. Do not feel ashamed for having feelings and being different.

Hoping you found this relatable in some and more importantly I hope I have given some insight on how I get myself through a rough patch because lets face it when all have them.