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April, the Earth & Sustainability

This April we celebrated earth day by picking up litter in our neighbourhood. Nestled in our little pocket we are not immune unfortunately to litter.

Planning isn’t always easy, but taking the time each day for planning and reflection does free up more time to do the important things like the environment.

Daily I appreciate all the amazing things this planet has to offer, like the air we breathe and the sunshine that heals in so many ways. It is so important to take care of our planet so our children can enjoy all the things we do in their future.

While thinking about sustainability and the planet, of course with my favourite planners, I also think about financial sustainability and more importantly literacy. Whether we are talking about waste on the planet or wasting our hard-earned dollars we have to take both seriously.

Understanding how to manage your money sooner than later is important to the future of your success. We use a budget calendar, multiple savings accounts, along with Mint to track our finances; however, this may be a lot to start with for some who have never budgeted before. If not feel free to comment if you would like to see samples of the ones we use and created along with our system for savings and never being short on payments due.

For those who need a slower approach here are some amazing resources:

Millennial Money 101: Develop a Budgeting Routine

How to Manage Money in Your Passion Planner: What I Learned from the 5 Biggest Money Mistakes of My 20s

Finance Tracker

Budgeting is a habit and one that needs to be done frequently. Sometimes it can take a back seat, as can many other habits, when things get too busy or overwhelming.

The biggest habit I am trying to change is getting more sleep. Creating healthy habits that are sustainable should be easy after about a month of consistency and realistic approaches.

Without a doubt and two young children this has not been something I have yet to be accomplished but I continue to strive to make this a priority for my health.

If you want to learn how to create healthy sustainable habits check out this amazing post How to Build Healthy Habits

Any month is a great month to start planning, and it is never too late. If you have questions on how I use my planners for success let me know below! If you want a discount for a planner you are already interested in check out my link and discount code here; https://linktr.ee/TheXNest