My Empowerment

Empowerment has many different faces and ways we encompass our own growth and empowerment.

The ways you seek and achieve empowerment for yourself varies by age, season and in my opinion individualism. What makes me feel empowered verses what makes you feel empowered will differ because our history and experiences form our belief systems and our belief systems form what drives and empowers us.

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Dont forget whatever you are doing to empower others and your community take time for yourself. Here is a 7 Day Self-Love Challenge and share what you learned with your besties Nesters.

Dont forget your affirmations too!

For me and my experiences I would have to say the biggest empowerment I had from activism was through my work with Conceivable Dreams and advocating for those with #infertility. Apart from that the rights of children and more paticularly for women. Last, but not least, our environment and the little time we have left for saving it.

From the declining fertility rates and lifestyle changes our our generations and those to come, the basic #humanrights that are not even happening nowadays is beyond terrifying. Bring in the climate crisis and environmental issues we are experiencing and headed towards there are so many worthy causes to advocate for.

Check out this PDF for organizing Activism from #PassionPlanner

Whether you are advocating for yourself or a cause close to you remember you are no help to others unless you take care of yourself.