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Welcome 2021


Happy New Year Nester’s!

Reflections from 2020 into 2021

Firstly I want to Thank each and every one of you for following and embracing us into your lives as friends and our tribe, it means more than you know to have such a solid support system and network xo

My year ahead capture pose is a little different, I haven’t coloured my hair, nor am I hiding any of my many imperfections, this is what this year has brought me into, a sense of ownership, self love and respect.

It’s been an incredible year of growth for everyone, myself included.  Embracing my journey and things I struggle through is one thing I continue to learn about and have a passion for advocating.

So often people find themselves alone, whether physically, or in thought, and especially during #covid19 This is especially true for someone who suffers through any auto-immune disorder, infertility, has a family history of mental illness or, lets face it, is just a human living here and trying to make it through!

My history is long, as are my experiences vast.  My past has haunted me while my future inspires me.  Overcoming so much, being in a constant battle with my own body, whether through auto-immune or infertility, I find solace in expressing and opening myself up for others.  To show, you can overcome anything, regardless of the odds and more importantly, whatever your battle, you are not alone.

This past year, as a mother of two, wife and executive has been stressful, to say the least.  Running through life in general is always overloaded for us.  Dont get me wrong, I love my life and everything that encompasses it, but I do yearn for a more simple approach and schedule.  

With the pandemic it has certainly pushed us into a new realm of busy, if that was even possible?  Im not ready to push pause on my most pressing dreams, but I am open to the discovery of ways we can accomplish more without actually giving or having more.

Being a parent is my number one priority and as the kids develop it brings me immense joy to hear them express their feelings so openly and directly.  My style isn’t for everyone, but it works for us, and these kids know and feel love- this is all that matters, ever.

Never hiding reality from them, but working through it together, learning as we all grow and having a mutual respectful relationship, is of the upmost importance to me as a mother.

Being a wife is always trying, for those who have a sublime relationship that is calm and always seemingly loving and swooning, God Bless you.  Our relationship; however, is full of passion and a love so deep I can feel the temperatures rising ……most times in the wrong way and through this pandemic it has tested us in so many ways.  

We are so different and yet so the same.  No one could test or support me more.  Through the good, bad and everything, we try.  I watched a show the other day that said, you make a conscious effort to love, that’s how you make it, and I believe this to be sound advice.  We also make this effort, the effort to understand, forgive to fight and love, all knowing the end result will remain, us together and trying our best.  A life with the man I love who gives me more than I can ever express, I am lucky.

Respecting and empowering woman is a growing passion within my soul.  The realization of how inequitable we are treated and made to feel is a real discernment.  Raising a son and daughter has sparked this interest more.  How can we discuss this, with other real issues, we as humanity face, while teaching them to work through it, when most of society can’t even comprehend or see what is right in front of them and allow for such things to take place?  

We talk often in our home about this, how we ourselves allow for these things to continue, how to recognize them, approach and work through them while trying to be better.  It is daunting sometimes but I can’t allow for myself, or any woman to feel pressured or taken advantage of and so this will also be a topic I educate myself more on and advocate for as well.

Hoping the year past has given you the reflection you needed and the year ahead an abundance of hope, health, and love, from our nest to yours xo