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Too good not to share?

When I started Beachbody, after my first born, I realized quickly how incredible this community was and how much the experience changed me.

Of course you know I believe, everything happens for a reason, this was no exception.

With some fails, a break for my health journey and discovery into my new additions to my auto-immune disease booklet, you know the one I carry around with me, sometimes like a badge of honour, other times like a list of reasons I am justified to feel sorry for myself.

After a long break, loads of losses, and the birth of my second miracle baby, I returned more determined than ever. This time, evem though still battling all my problems, along with an even busier schedule (if thats possible) I made a commitment to succeed.

The success is simple, its not for the perfect body, but optimal health, whatever that looks like for me. How do I achieve this through Beachbody, I use their online fitness resource center, BOD, I use the container system and meal prep, and I work out most days, for at least 30 minutes a day.

After everything I have studied I am confident I have made the correct decision, they cover everything from fitness to nutrition, and not just quick fixes. This is mental and physical health for the long haul.

Now just finishing 80 Day obsession, which took me longer than expected, but did what I needed to for me, I am ready to head straight into a new program.

Interested in joining me, or talking about your goals, message me!