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August Empowerment

Reflecting over this past year so far it has become so clear that had I not invested the time in myself, in my planner, in my space, I would never have been able to not just reflect but grow from all the things that have taken place so far.

Each time I do this I realize, without a doubt, that my strategy and #passionplanners have empowered me to grow, overcome mental blocks and obstacles, along with scrapbooking my days and years that have passed…. its a three for one deal here lol.

It becomes so easy to let the days pass without capturing and noting things down that take place. So easy to forget and let the schedules, memories, and goals fade as fast as the time is passing us. Caught up in the what, who, now, never letting ourselves take steps back for reflection which empower us to continue to grow the seeds we ourselves want to plant to meet our goals and dreams we have.

The reason I started this blog and my social pages for #thexnest was to connect to people in my tribe on a deeper level. To advocate, be vulnerable, and show people they are not alone in their struggles.

By doing so I hope to empower women, like myself, to fight for more. Never settle for less than they are worth and realize that our own criticisms, judgments, struggles, guesses, and questions are things we shouldn’t have to feel badly about.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this before posting something vulnerable. I am scared. Who will judge me? What will people think of me? Will they think I complain too much? Do they think I want sympathy?… Then I remember…..I remember crying by myself, feeling so alone, so desperate in a world with so many people and forms of communication, but its because I don’t see people like me being vulnerable enough, speaking out and that’s enough for me to continue. Knowing those who need it wont judge, they are the ones messaging me, connecting, thanking, and starting friendships through meaningful and transparent, REAL, things. Things that matter to us.

Thinking about August’s theme of empowerment has me thankful I live when and where I do. Thankful for my Passion Planners that have allowed me the courage and reminders to keep pushing forward daily. The ability to reflect on the big picture. See my goals, my growth, my empowerment.

By taking the time to plan I hit so many things I need for my own empowerment. Things like organization, planning, art, scrapbooking, goal setting and so much more. A true believer and supporter of Passion Planner I hope you’ll join me on creating and manifesting your own empowerment: https://bit.ly/2U7rnhA

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