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Empowerment in February

7 Day Self Love Challenge

February is the month to focus on LOVE, so why not start with what we love the most about ourselves with Passion Planners 7 Day Self Love Challenge by Wendy Sigler. Found this challenge a little difficult, not because of the things I love about myself, but rather the graces one should give ourselves when struggling through a challenging or busy time. It absolutely helped me realize and refocus on what is important and the importance of, not only self love but self forgiveness in order to move on from my past.

This challenge was just what I needed after the rough January we faced. Although we made it through, it was a January of broken hearts and things that brought up many difficult and heartbreaking things from my past. People tend to brush away reflection due to how hard it can be; however, we know without doing the work you can never heal through the trauma that has affected you in one way or another.

Self Love Acceptance

It is important to have time daily to reflect on your past in order to heal and come into the present. Without the ability to let go you can never move on. I use my Daily Passion Planner to do this, you can find one HERE. You can use code DANIELLE755 for applicable discounts too!

In my daily planner, I always use the Free Space To Grow area to write daily affirmations as well. If you struggle to think of affirmations to write Passion Planner has you covered with 61 Self Affirmations right HERE

Self Love through Empowerment

Along with self-love, you must have self-care. Now, more than ever, by practicing and using my planners daily and weekly, I am reminded how important self-care is in order to be the best version of myself. HERE are some ways to practise self-care by Erica Garza.

Maybe it is in my genes, but I have such a hard time allowing myself time and experiences for self-care. If you are like me, then you absolutely need, more than anyone, time and allowance for yourself to indulge in daily self-care routines.

My biggest one is moving and fueling my body the right way. If you would like to join me on my journey please reach out for more information HERE

Need a checklist version? Check out this amazing how-to create a Self-care checklist & make time for yourself HERE by Jamie Santos!

Empowerment through Advocacy

Nothing feeds your soul and self-care more than giving back does. If you are a true Nester you know how much I value my advocacy work, whether past with Conceivable Dreams or present in my community @AGNEC_association, volunteering your time to something meaningful brings learning, purpose and drive into your life. Get active & social in something you feel strongly towards changing, you may only be one person, but you can make a significant difference.

Check out Nikole Luebbe’s 101 on volunteering & giving back to the community.

Empowerment through Change

With Empowerment and the month of February here, we must also acknowledge the importance of Black History Month. This is a time to learn and get uncomfortable. A time for reflection in not only self-care, self-love but most importantly in self-awareness. As a caucasian woman, I will never know the disparity someone of colour has and does face daily. As an empath, I can certainly feel the pain and sorrow of such discrimination and clear ignorance today and within Black History. It is with education and listening that only then you can grow to ensure history doesn’t repeat itself. However, we shall never forget and commemorate Black History Month as there are so many amazing leaders who advocated for their rights and freedoms, as human beings, empowering a nation, a world, to speak up, do better and stand together as one because #blacklivesmatter.