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Grace in October

This month there was a lot of reflection within myself. Mainly on being resentful at so many things happening. Mainly the way people are behaving. When someone is open, trying to be transparent, tolerable, and understanding, then others are deceptive, controlling, and only there for what serves them, it can be not only draining but extremely heartbreaking.

It is really hard to gain perspective when you are filling your cup with disappointment. What does this have to do about grace you ask? Well, I was and sometimes still get mad, I still get upset about how deeply selfish people can be and so inconsiderate. But allowing these people to put you in a place so dark the only thing left to give is grace to help you see the light.

If I can give people so much grace to be disappointed in the outcome, how come I shouldn’t be able to give it to myself? I think people forget to give themselves grace, that they deserve their own grace and that grace needs to even be given to those or things they feel these feelings towards, yes, even if it is themselves!

Simply being a great planner and using my Passion Planners can create anxiety and restenment. Even though you may not believe me it is true. Most especially for those who thrive and use it to organize and keep their extremely busy lives afloat. Misssing a day, or not having enough time to fill out a daily spread, or at the begining of a new spread and month, not being ready, can cause major guilt and stress. The only thing you can do to overcome these feelings is by giving yourself grace and remembering life isnt perfect and you shouldnt expect yourself to be either.

Speaking of not being a perfect person, this brings me back to where we startedd in this post and it is part of this months relfection realization I had. If I can give myself grace because no one is perfect how can I not remeber this for those people who cause me so much pain, with or without knowing it? If thats the case then how can I continue to hang on to the negative people, the negative feelings they create inside, and the negativity it breads and instead not just realizing them for what it is, giving them the grace they and I need and just letting go.

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Coming into the holiday season I am excited at continuing my planning journey, with more grace in 2023, and wanted to showcase my choices for the year in this post. If you want to learn more about planning or even purchase your own, at a discounted rate, you can contact me and use my code DANIELLE755

This October I hope this post helps you in some way realize you are not alone. That everything can be hard but also okay to be hard and you can give yourself grace to get through it. xo