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Creating floral decorations on a budget

Centre piece decor


Holidays and me are a match made in heaven! There is just something about every holiday that sparks a little magic in me.  From having our family and friends over, to creating another atmosphere based on the theme, I just can’t get enough of it.  Though Sean claims to hate having to bring out all my bins each time a new holiday arrives, he helps me in getting the house amped up to any level I want and that folks is love and why I know he is my one and only!

As everyone does, we work really hard throughout the year, so we can have holidays made of all the warmth and nice things around them; nevertheless, everyone needs and should have a budget so they can get more from what they have!  For me its creating decorations from things I already have throughout the house, have saved from other things or gifts given or simply finding things in nature to use.

(On that note: I have not forgotten the requests for the how to on the Spring Tree, which I will be creating a new one this spring, so stay tuned!).

This fall I found that the dollar stores had some really nice and great quality florals for sale.  Usually I pick things like this up at my local craft store and one branch would cost anywhere from $4.00 – $8.00 now available here at at cost of $1.00 – $4.00 a savings I couldn’t pass up.

Last year we purchased some fresh arrangements for Thanksgiving and they came in these amazing and beautiful pumpkin pots.  So once the arrangements florals had expired I simply cleaned out the soil (Recycled to my garden) and saved for this year.



Decide on your “theme” and overall outcome you want prior to purchasing anything.  This will ensure your ending result is exactly what you had envisioned for your decor.  My themes are usually rich colours, earth toned, with a rustic feel.

Fall Centrepiece Rev



Start with using foam for your specific project, make sure not the spend the extra money for foam for fresh flower arrangements and get the ones used for dry.  Measure your project space and cut your foam accordingly.  Tool tip: Make sure to use a heavy duty cutter and don’t use is a crowded area or with your little one around since it really is a tough job and pieces can go flying!

Layout your arrangement prior to inserting into foam as well – too many re do’s will leave you with empty spaces and the foam won’t work the way it should.  Also make sure to measure your height as well before cutting!  Since I purposely bought some longer pieces to use as a possible vase centrepiece and my table looked complete I decided on splitting it all between two vases.

Using two vases and stones I had in my garage I was able to create a simple but stunning mantel pieces as well that highlighted our fireplace and mirror.



Mantel pieces Rev


These perfectly suited decorations were a great project and didn’t cost more than $15.00 that is a steal for four main pieces.  All you need is some time and imagination and you could create small themed tokens to help decorate your home for any holiday!

Thanksgiving Table